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Driftwood Artwork by Lizzie Spikes. She lives, works and walks on the beautiful west coast of Wales. Her canvas is the driftwood that washes up on the beach.

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Egypt, Red Sea. One of my fave holiday destinations, absolutely beautiful sights to see when snorkeling. #egypt

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Credit: GEORGETTE DOUWMA/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Featherstar on gorgonian coral. The featherstar is a marine invertebrate. It is an ancient and primitive echinoderm, a member of the group of invertebrates that includes the starfish. It uses its feathery and fragile arms to catch and convey microscopic plankton and detritus to its mouth at the base of its arms. Unlike the closely-related sea lily, a featherstar is a free-swimming animal. Photographed at Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua…

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Cornwall - lots of mussel-covered rocks! One of the best bits about going to Cornish beaches is being able to explore all the rockpools and marine creatures which live on the rocks, and you get to see them at low tide.

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Koran Angelfish Information - The Koran Angelfish Distribution - Australia, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, West Pacific Ocean. Size - 40 cm / 16 inches. The Semicirculatus or Koran Angelfish is found at depths less than 25 meters (82 ft.).

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Tales of Whale Watching in Monterey Bay

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Milford Sound, a fiord in the south west of New Zealand's South Island, within Fiordland National Park, Piopiotahi Marine Reserve. #mountains #royalcaribbean #moon #landscape

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