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Breathtaking underwater photos capture exotic marine life in remote parts of the world

Spine cheeked anemone premnas biaculeatus in bleached anemone entacmaea quadricolor from Milne Bay Papua New Guinea

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Census of Marine Life images

Megaleledone setebos, a shallow-water circum-Antarctic species from the Southern Ocean. It is the closest living relative to deep-sea octopuses. The specimen shown is a juvenile; adults reach a total length of nearly 1m.

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Nature paints the most beautiful masterpieces: vibrantly colorful underwater Coral reefs with its assortment of fishes

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Life Spans of Marine Life in the Great Barrier Reef. A Smarter Every Day Infographic. 25% of all Marine life in our oceans live on coral reefs: the Catlin Seaview Survey

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Incredible photographs show a school of fish forming a 'tornado'

William Winrame captured the incredible moment a school of fish swarmed around him and other divers and formed a vortex (above)

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A 67-year-old diver may have found the world's largest great white

Florida diver Stephen Frink may have found the world's largest great white shark | Daily Mail Online

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