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US Marine Corps - Concealment Flag (Hidden Compartment)

USMC United States Marine Core Bling Trucker Caps with USA Flagg

Marine wife, girlfriend or mom hat. $29.99 Personalization included

US Marine core logo and onyx font laser engraved on brass plates mounted on going away gift: a wooden mug!

Master Sergeant, USMC, William R. Pettit. 09-11-18 to 06-16-01. Veteran of WWII 1941-1945 (POW) Korean War 1950-1953 (POW). Upon returning home, he then served as a Military Police Chief at the Marine Core Supply Center in Barstow, CA until he left active service in 1953. He was in the Marine Corps Reserve until 1969. He then served Barstow, CA as a police officer for 16 yrs. A patriot, a hero, a father-in-law. RIP Pop.


Marine Corps boot camp graduation keepsake boxes. Each box has the design burned into the box by hand making it a unique one of a kind gift.