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Tony Chachere's Butter & Jalapeno Injector Marinade (2 PACK)

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Cajun-Injected Spicy Turkey

Cajun-Injected Turkey Recipe; we've bought kits to inject our turkey for several years but will be making our own marinade this year

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Deep Fried Turkey Flavor Injector Marinade

Turkey Flavor Injector Marinade-Marc added a stick of butter& lemon juice to this marinade and said the turkey was the best(I'm not a turkey fan) but he insisted I pin this:)

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Meat Tenderizer Needle 30 Stainless Steel(3 injection needle pinhole) Blade and Meat Injector 3 Oz Marinade Flavor Syringe

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 2 Oz Meat Injector

With this 2 oz. meat injector you can now add flavor and zest to all your favorite foods! Your grilling and cooking experience will never be the same as you can inject large pieces of meat. poultry an

Poultry Injector Marinade Recipe -

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Meat Injector Marinade Recipe

Poultry injector marinade