"if you don’t think marina joyce is perfect then you are wrong" - thatgirlfromfrance via Tumblr

"if you don’t think Marina Joyce is complete perfection then you are wrong"

marina joyce http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzKc6JrWSt_67UpEYIefrJQ

I just love her hair. But honestly where I live people don't know how to cut this hair correctly.

Marina Joyce

"I dont know why they hate me so much but there right, I am ugly and fat.They're right Kian and I will never live happily ever after." I curl up crying ~Jenny

marina joyce, i love her and her hair! cx

Marina Rose Joyce on

marina joyce, i love her and her hair!

Marina Joyce.. I adore her

""I feel like a horrible person I married the love of my life and I'm carrying his unborn child, but I shattered my best friends heart. mabey I do deserve to die.

Marina Joyce