This Day in History: Aug 5, 1962: Marilyn Monroe is found dead......I was in my early teens when the news hit....I think her death affected everyone, young and sad!

This Day in History: Aug Marilyn Monroe is found dead -- not pills, injection - murder !

Everyone likes to peek into each-others lives, rooms, moments, and doorways. Perhaps it’s that nagging feeling that you’re missing something great, or maybe you’re just secretly hoping that you’re not missing anything at all.  Rare photos of famous people

25 Rare Photos of Celebrities

This picture gives me the ibby jibbys! Kennedy + Monroe,,,Costly affair: A rare image of Marilyn with President John F. Kennedy together at JFKs 19 May 1962 birthday party at the White House

Why Jackie Kennedy Wanted Marilyn Monroe to Marry Jack F. Kennedy? Revealed in 'The Final Year of Jack with Jackie' - Entertainment & Stars

Marilyn Monroe postage stamp / U. / In Marilyn Monroe was featured on the inaugural issuance in the Legends of Hollywood series, and she continues to fascinate and enthrall audiences today.

The newest tourist attraction in Chicago is a 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe.

The sculpture was unveiled Friday morning on Michigan Avenue just north of the Chicago River. It shows Monroe during the iconic scene in "The Seven Year Itch" when a gust from a subway grate blows her skirt up. Viewers can see her lacy underwear. 

Artist J. Seward Johnson created the super-sized sculpture. It will be on display until next spring.

26-Foot Marilyn Monroe Sculpture Unveiled In Chicago

It would be so weird to see a giant Marilyn Monroe statue standing over you! I would love yo go see this *monumental (haha) statue.

This is not really Marilyn & JFK... but it's still an interesting photo.

Another "rare" image. (Kennedy + Monroe,,,Costly affair: A rare image of Marilyn with President John F. Kennedy together at JFKs 19 May 1962 birthday party at the White House.

Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra (who had multiple ties to the mob). It's said that she spent the last night of her life with mob leader Sam Giancana,  and Frank Sinatra.  Great story.

Marilyn Monroe 'spent her last night with mafia boss Sam Giancana at Frank Sinatra's lodge'

Marilyn Monroe talks with Frank Sinatra while an unidentified man looks on at the Cal Neva Lodge in in Crystal Bay, Nevada.

We love Marilyn Monroe. Stunning as always!

She wasn't a size and definitely wasn't a role model or philosopher, but she slept with Kennedy, and I love her<<< pretty picture

President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe -- She looks upset...

20 Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake! 20 Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake!

President JFK & MARILYN monroe by the national examiner

Marilyn Monroe National Examiner Cover Regarding Her Relationship With JFK (July

This scene was planted. Look at her bruised body. She didn't do that to herself. She was murdered thanks to Kennedy~

Monroe death scene-----This is a staged scene. The real picture is a couple of pins away.

Maria Callas and Marilyn Monroe met at Madison Square Garden, New York on 19 May 1962 (the night Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday' to JFK).

Marilyn Monroe with Maria Callas, the Greek-American soprano who was one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the century - backstage at Madison Square Garden, May 1962 - the night Marilyn sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK.