Celebs before they were famous. Marilyn Monroe as a child.

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Marilyn Monroe - The Final Days. In 1999 a massive restoration project was undertaken, 9 hours of footage was digitally reconstructed And at the end of this Documentary is the Movie Something's got to give... Not the complete movie only about 40 min. or so, but it is very good and worth watching.  So glad I got to see it...If you love Marilyn, you'll want to watch this.

Name: MARK I am a Marilyn Monroe fan and have been for many years. Over those years i collected alot of Marilyn footage, documentaries, , interviews, home mo.

Beautiful Marilyn: "I learned to walk as a baby and I haven't had a lesson since." — Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe), 1933 Norma Jeane Mortensen as a little girl. "When I was a little girl no one ever told me I was pretty, all little girls should be told they are pretty even if they are not!