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Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

I love Marilyn Monroe. I love her style. If I ever went short with my hair, I would go with this style:)

Marilyn Monroe. I watched My Week With Marilyn, and fell more in love with her.

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Sex Goddess

No single actor or actress has ever dominated Hollywood the way marilyn Monroe did. In only a handful of movies she became the most famous woman in the world.

Marilyn Monroe - The Final Days. In 1999 a massive restoration project was undertaken, 9 hours of footage was digitally reconstructed And at the end of this Documentary is the Movie Something's got to give... Not the complete movie only about 40 min. or so, but it is very good and worth watching.  So glad I got to see it...If you love Marilyn, you'll want to watch this.

Marilyn Monroe - The Final Days. Documentary About the making of the unfinished movie Something's Got To Give With Rare footage of Marilyn on the SGTG set

My Story

Does Marilyn Monroe's Ghost Exist?

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe- fully recommend it's an excellent read

Marilyn Monroe - the ultimate Hollywood pin-up girl! of course...

Endomorph Body Type: The Endomorph's 'BOTTOM' Line...

Marilyn Monroe Vintage Hair and Makeup Maison Burlesque -this is what the meant, classic beauty and sweet innocence. love the hair and

Marilyn Monroe's Best Quotes-Famous Marilyn Monroe Sayings

20 Real Marilyn Monroe Quotes That Will Change What You Think of the Icon

Marilyn Monroe's Best Quotes-Famous Marilyn Monroe Sayings

Marilyn Monroe for Life magazine

vintage everyday: Portraits of Marilyn Monroe by Edward Clarke, 1950

with Poet Carl Sandburg in 1961. (He is my very favorite poet, if you've never read his works, truly you should.)

Marilyn Monroe with author and poet Carl Sandburg, 1961 © Arnold Newman.

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This hub is all about the glamorous old Hollywood hairstyles and the face shapes they flatter. For women that love fashion, hair and beauty, this hub is a must read.