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Marie Curie was honored for her work in both Physics & Chemistry and her pioneering research in radioactivity changed history. Two Nobel prizes is just anecdotic

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10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

Marie Curie, the only woman to have won two Nobel Prizes - one for physics and one for chemistry.

Marie Curie Mini Unit - Reading Passage, Graphic Organizer, and Activities

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Are These The Most Inspirational Women Of All Time? (PICTURES)

Marie Curie Printable for Women's History Month

Marie Curie Printable for Women's History Month | Grades 1-5 |

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The first x-ray. Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen's wife's hand with wedding ring.

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An octopus got the joyride of its life last week when it somehow became stuck on the belly of a bottlenose dolphin in the Ionian Sea. More specifically, the ten