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Prime Minister (1979 - 1990) Margaret Thatcher. Nickname "Iron Lady". Born Margaret Hilda Roberts 13 October 1925, Grantham, England. Died 8 April 2013, London, England

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Leaders of the Western World. Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (the equivalent of president) 1979-1990. She was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century.

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Margaret Thatcher infographic: Policies and pitfalls of the Thatcher years

Margaret Thatcher infographic: Policies and pitfalls of the Thatcher years

Margaret Thatcher timeline: visualisation of the Thatcher years. The infographic illustrates Thatcher's political career from 1979 to I'm pinning this just to remind myself how awful those years were,,,

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Margaret Thatcher, Britain's 'Iron Lady' Prime Minister, has died. The first woman ever to serve as prime minister of Great Britain and the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century has died at age 87. "It is with great sadness that Mark and Carol Thatcher announced that their mother Baroness Thatcher died peacefully following a stroke this morning." Lord Timothy Bell said today. Margaret Thatcher poses for a portrait, circa 1990. (Terry O'Neill/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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In Memoriam. Margaret Thatcher, 1925–2013

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Cheers to Margaret Thatcher, the UK's first female Prime Minister, elected three times to lead a political body of men

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Margaret Thatcher's 19 Most Badass Moments

The first female Prime minister of Great Britain, Mrs Thatcher defined a decade. In particular she is remembered for her emphasis on individual responsibility and belief in free markets. Developed close relationships with R. Reagan, but was more sceptical of European integration.

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Thank you, Prime Minister Thatcher, for standing alongside the United States and working to defeat communism!

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The Invincible Mrs. Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013) held office from 4 May 1979 to 28 November 1990 during the reign of Elizabeth II

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