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Dad's Emotional Facebook Post Forgives Mother for Killing Their Baby

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The Lord of the Skies - Season 1 - Episode 4 - English Subtitles Original Title: El Señor De Los Cielos English Title: The Lord of the Skies Language: Spanish Subtitles: English Genre:Action Drama Plot Follow Aurelio Casillas journey in his efforts to become the leading and only drug dealer in Mexico in the '90s taking Pablo Escobars place in the region. To do so he must overcome all sorts of obstacles in a whirlwind of action emotions unbridled passions luxuries intrigue and…

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After This Mom Rolled Onto Her Baby, Father Confirms Death and Begs Forgiveness in a Heartbreaking Facebook Post

what a sick worthless human being. "i refuse to believe she did this horrible act on purpose" her husband said. FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE DID HEROIN ON PURPOSE IT IS HER FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Private Officer Breaking News: Bail bond agents involved in shooting at Idaho market (Caldwell ID June 19 2016) Two bail enforcement agents from Idaho Fugitive Recovery reportedly attempted to take CHELSEA M. JOHNSON, 25, of Caldwell, into custody when MARCO A. MEJIA, 26, pulled a loaded firearm from his vehicle and pointed it at the bail enforcement agents. One of the enforcement agents then pulled out his own firearm and shot the victim once, while the other agent also discharged his…