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Boxing Legends Sugar Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ken Norton & former L.A. mayor, Tom Bradley


Henry II (1154-89) Arguably one of the most effective Kings ever to wear the English crown and the first of the great Plantagenet dynasty, the future Henry II was born at Le Mans, Anjou on 5th March, 1133.


Damon Albarn born 23 March 1968 in Whitechapel, London) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor who came to prominence as the frontman and primary songwriter of the alternative rock band Blur.


B.B. King--"The King of the Blues"--With His Guitar, "Lucille," King Revolutionized the Jazz/Blues Guitar To An Art Form...Many Have Followed, But King Remains the Man to Emulate!! Play On, Sir!!


Anton Yelchin. RIP. 1989-2016. A fifteen year crush cut short by his tragic death in a freak accident. Still one of my idols though. <3


Roman Gold Coin Pertinax. Pertinax was Roman emperor in 193 for 86 days. Publius Helvius Pertinax was born on August 1, 126 in Alba, Italy to a freedman, and died on March 28, 193. An urban prefect, Pertinax was made emperor the day after the emperor Commodus was assassinated on December 31, 192. He was killed by the Praetorian Guard and replaced by Didius Julianus.