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Conus marmoreus also the 'Marbled Cone'. This sea snail is venomous and its venom is highly potent, and one drop can kill more than 20 men. Has quite a repetitive pattern on shell


Himba women ( a nomadic tribe in southern Angola ) wear only 2 types of cone shell : marbled cone or leopard cone . The patterning on these two cones are almost opposites. The marbled cone ( conus marmoreous ) is striking : black in colour covered with uniformly sized white tents. It is predatory, living on other molluscs and inhabits the coral reefs. Leopard cone ( conus leopardus ) is uniformly banded, with evenly sized and spaced black spots. These snails are highly venomous.

from Oddee

Unique Animals: 10 Uniquely Deadly Animals in the World

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Unexpected Deadly Beauty

43. Cone snails: 'What could be more harmless than one of these pretty seashells? Just pick it up and admire the gorgeous colours right? Wrong! Inside is a predatory snail that fires poison harpoons. Mess with it at your peril.' Read more in 100 Bizarre Animals