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Marauder armored vehicle seats 10 including the driver.

These Trucks Are Just What You Need to Get Out Quick (22 Photos) - Suburban Men…

These Trucks Are Just What You Need to Get Out Quick (22 Photos)

 But James was pureblood. How did he know how to drive.

Actually hilarious because he's a pure-blood and has no idea how muggle cars work. Extra points if it was Vernon Dursley's car he did it to.

yes in some alternate and far less painful universe this happened

Has anyone thought about how the whole car thing wouldn't even have happened if James and Lily had been alive?

21 Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts To Make You Feel Better

This is probably an actual photo of Sirius and James.

pinterest: reeza912 *WARNING* her pins are bomb af, go check them out! She a baddie!

125 of the Best Harry Potter Memes

That awkward moment when you miss the train to Hogwarts <<< And you try to go by Knight Bus. but that went wrong, too.

Mercury Marauder

2004 Mercury Marauder Pictures: See 80 pics for 2004 Mercury Marauder. Browse interior and exterior photos for 2004 Mercury Marauder.

The War was won but it damaged so many people, it's parallel to WW2 in my eyes although more dramatised obviously

17 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Make You Weep

"I hate Severus... Blah blah Maurauder stuff" "OH MY GOD JAMES ARGH THE BABY'S COMING!!!" "Oh no! *panics* "PSYCH!!"

That would be so cute to see the marauders freak out and wonder what they should do about the baby coming.

:) harry potter reference

Padfoot I told you to stay in the car! Now look at us we're going to muggle jail and how are they going to explain when suddenly the dog and deer turn into people? I am offended the anyone in the fandom would call PRONGS a DEER. He is a stag.

They loved wolves, they loved how they howled at the moon, oh how they wish they could join them

These are the things we lost in the fire fire fire.-Bastille Things we lost in the fire

thanks for driving me away, well actually, thanks for using my bike to help me escape

I feel like a modern Neville would bike everywhere to help save the environment?