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Bonsai Maple Forest in Autumn This is absolutely beautiful, but I cannot maintain a bonsai.

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Make a Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

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I have always been interested in the art of Bonsai, as it takes great patience…

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Bonsai, Japanese Red Maple, Bonsai Tree, Seeds, Grow Your Own, 5 Seeds

These trees are perfect for a bonsai specimen or to plant in your yard. Over most of its range, red maple is adaptable to a very wide range of site

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Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree, Grow Your Own Tree, Office Decor, 5 Seeds

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Bonsai "Acer Palmatum Dissectum": More than other maples, dissectum absolutely hates windy and too sunny conditions. Placement of this tree must be shady and out of the wind. This is one of the reasons why there are not many good "Dissectum-bonsai" around. Cut-leaf Japanese maple bonsai is however worth trying. Style: slanting or Shakkan style.

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Japanese Maple #Bonsai Tree

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