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Homemade Maple Bar Doughnuts

You're going to need some coffee to go with this post.... I need some coffee too, but not just because of these maple bars. You see, my computer is still trying to ruin my life by going as slow as it can. I happen to be extra busy so this is driving me crazy. It's... #autumn #bread #breakfast


Super Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

Super healthy granola bar recipe from Olympian Dame Mary Peters - sugar free dairy free and nut free - great for refuelling the whole family


Oatmeal and nut butter based bars like these are an ideal, default breakfast for when you don’t have time to cook or need a quick pick me up with your coffee. Pre-make these in advance and you’ll have your breakfast ready for at least a couple of...


No-Bake Superfood Granola Bars

No bake superfood granola bars - chewy, filling and super healthy granola bars packed full of seeds, nuts, dried fruit, oats and dark chocolate


Maple Bars

You have got to try these Maple Bars. They are soooo worth all the effort. And really, they weren’t hard at all. It’s no more effort than making bread.


Homemade baked maple bars. These are awesome. Made instead of buying doughnuts, will def do more often. Baked and delicious instead of deep fried. Maple frosting comes out perfect, even for me!! --my hubs will die!