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54 fascinating photographs of life in the South Wales Valleys during the 1970s

54 retro black and white images which will take you right back to Wales in the 70s - Wales Online

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Wales travel guide | Historic attractions, Heritage and History - Welsh Regions

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Heligan History

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193 - The Border Between the 'Two Englands'

The Border Between the 'Two Englands'. In Great Britain as in the US, two cultural sub-nations identify themselves (and the other) as North and South. There is a place used as shorthand for describing the divide, with the rougher, poorer North and wealthier, middle-to-upper-class South referring to each other as ‘on the other side of the Watford Gap’.

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Top 10 budget restaurants in south Cornwall

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Offa's Dyke Path is one of twelve designated National Trails. With Hadrians Wall It is the only national trail to follow a man-made feature. Built by Offa, King of Mercia in 757 to 796 AD the dyke formed the boundary between England & Wales, running 182 miles from Prestatyn in the north to Sedbury, near Chepstow in the south. Men from the border country along the Mercian (English) side all had to contribute: they could send food or they could build 128cm of dyke.

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