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Mapping Voyager 1's Incredible 36-Year Trek Through Space [Infographic]

Mapping Voyager 1's Incredible 36-Year Trek Through Space [Infographic]

Voyager 1 spacecraft's biggest moments are shown in this chart covering the last 36 years... Voyager 1 is almost 12 billion miles away now! and moving at miles per hour!...Voyager 1 will be the first ever object we've sent outside our solar system. Mais


This Is A Map Of The Entire Universe, Squeezed Into One Mind-Boggling Image

This stunning spherical image manages to cram in the entire universe, including our Solar System at the centre. The mind-boggling image also packs in the outer planets, Kuiper belt, Oort cloud, Alpha Cetauri star and the cosmic web along with the Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda galaxy and other nearby galaxies


Antique map of the Solar System - And what might be the next explanatory model? It seems most people of every era are hoodwinked into believing that their (latest) model is the ultimate. It's difficult to imagine that there could be an entirely different way of seeing things. And if one does, TPTB tend to not like it!

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Spinning Mercury: Nasa reveal stunning animation showing giant craters on the planet's surface

Mercury: The images were created using a mosaic of pictures from Nasa's messenger spacecraft, which were then combined to create a video 'flyby' of the planet. 2013


I-SCOPE Arch. Barriers Survey Android App - , i-SCOPE project envisaged the development and validation of services for smart cities, based on interoperable three-dimensional models on an urban scale. Three are the application areas: greater inclusion and mobility of differently-abled and visual impaired users through technologies that help them overcome barriers at city level and that support them during their daily urban trips; maximisation of solar energy efficiency through…