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CNN Transgender Riley Quinn Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown On Thanksgiving Day in Boston CNN was scheduled to air Anthony Bourdain PartsUnknownbut the network broadcasted a porn. The porn featured transgender adult film star Riley Quinn. The program aired for 30 minutes. The mistake has been dubbed #BourdainPorn as CNN tried to bury all evidence. Riley Quinn is a retired transgender pornographic actress. The entertainer used Twitter to thank CNN for airing the video. CNN Transgender Riley…

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Infographic: Mapping the largest African populations

nearly one-half of that population won’t have access to power by 2030 if we don’t take action. So look at this map, then take action by asking Congress to support a bill to bring electricity to 50 million Africans for the first time.

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Nigeria country profile

Map of Nigeria

5 Travel Experiences every Lagos girl should have before Turning 30 Its nice to believe that age is nothing but a number but when you hit 30; there is no denying that you are starting to get old. Your body goes through a dramatic change denying you the bursting energy and gusto you normally hard before. Your interests start to change and you realize you may not have the stamina you once had. The world is gigantic with its different continents countries regions and boulevards. Apparently a…