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"Continents Map Match"/Flashcards for Autism

Have students use the variety of map boards to sort/match continents. Students will create a completed map of continents after completion of task. ...


Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011 winners

Welcome to the planet Nothing. A world without no colour, no war, and lots of rules. There are guards called Plasmas which either eat or murder people who go against the government. Only heroes can stop them and get Nothing's colour get back it's real name Xeno. It's not always been boring. Only fate decides for the heroes, the effect...the rebels who will save the planet.


Are you looking for a way to teach your students about the continents and countries of the world? These simple lap books introduce kids to the seven continents and the countries in each continent. There is a political map of each continent and facts about some of the countries in the continents. See how I put them together here!