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Great War Weapons. Grandfather would have used a rifle. His army record describes him as 'a good shot'. Would he have used any other weapons or have needed his gas mask? We'll likely never know. He told a story about soldiers covering their faces with urine-soaked kilts to protect themselves during gas attacks; perhaps the only benefit of wearing kilts.

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Ultimate Fantasy Map [Pic]

Now a book that required this map would be well worth the reading let me read it nooooowww!!!!


Waffen SS Sturmmann (Corporal), Normandy 1944 01 - M-40 helmet with SS badges 02 - M-43 SS Feldbluse, Sturmmann's insignia on the collar tabs and left sleeve, Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon on the button 03 - trousers from the Drillichtanzug 43 uniform, in "Tupfenmuster" camo 04 - SS main belt with webbing 05 - Patronentasche für MP-Magazine, ammo pouches for MP-38/40 06 - map pouch 07 - 9 mm MP-40 SMG 08 - breadbag, canteen, Zeltbahn tent cloth 09 - boots 10 - gas mask canister

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(TRAY- Photographed just in time.Most demolished early 1970s- Asda Superstore -St.Thomas's church still there.) Raglan Street-?-street off Eccleston Street ) Red-brick Victorian church, rainy flagstone pavements, gas lighting, long terraces of slate-roofed houses, stone setts and, dimly visible through the murk, a corner shop. A perfect Lancashire industrial townscape, complete and intact when this picture was taken on 12th December 1969.Fray Bentos Stephen Dowle