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Mansard Dormer - i like the rounded tops to the windows and it doesn't have a flat roof. Nicer shape than a box.


Grey And Scout

A lane where one would wish to meet a girl in a floral skirt and fall in awful love forgetting the intellectual reservations that so often eclipse the naive desires of a wonderful mind. His love could end with the lane and a smile.

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Ten steps to the perfect cost-saving extension, loft conversion or basement room


Loft conversion ideas


NYC Greenwich Village townhouse with added rooftop home office - Being a "rooftopper" is a unique and priceless feeling, almost like a mixture of reality and surrealism. It's peaceful, everything slows down and the sounds of the busy streets are muted. You are isolated but at the same time able to observe the spectacular view beneath and the horizon appears endless. - I would like more windows for a better view.