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Mannequin heads only as bodies got damaged (Paris Flea Market) = can you imagine being the night security guard here ? He has to use the minimal light from his low powered torch to walks round here in almost pitch black darkness, with just the faces staring back as the torch illuminates where he patrols !! -★-

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rogerwarner4.jpg (image) wig-maker or milliner stands paper mâché

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antiques price guide, antiques priceguide, textiles & clothing, , A Good Polychromed Wood Mannequin Head and Torso, 18th century, the female form with glass eyes and long blonde curled tresses, wearing antique stomacher.

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Mannequin Head mixed media Collage and handpainted Peony Rose French dictionary text Altered art Folk art

Mannequin Head mixed media Collage and handpainted French to English dictionary text Altered art Folk art

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This is a vintage mannequin head from newest (oldest!) collection. It has the very Art Deco feel of Tamera De Lempicka paintings from the 1920's. We haven't yet decided on the grouping name, although we're leaning toward "Tamera"-do you think anyone will get it? These heads are available on most poses that we make.

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stunning portraiture. The other notable is that we are not used to thinking of sculptures as such, if they also combine paint. This is mostly because in the classical greek/roman sculptures, the paint has worn off exposing the material. Not because there wasnt paint to begin with.

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