Manic depression test

This is a quote from Linda Paindexter, I thought it really nice way of describing the way we should look at mental health and your disorder, Amanda. Remember this when you feel bad about yourself or others do something to make you feel bad about your disorder. Most people are misinformed about psychosis and many other things when it comes to mental health disorders. You are a strong person Amanda, look at this whenever you feel otherwise.

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Social Anxiety # 949 | Feeling embarrassed that you have no life because you're too afraid to socialize. I am not sure if I am embarrassed about it, more I get anxious and frustrated and depressed about it.

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Drugs are not the answer either. The basics of health must be met first: nutrition, sunshine and fresh air, exercise, connectedness to a community, followed by reality testing, CBT type work and mindfulness. These things bring wellness and recovery.

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What Are Anxiety Disorders? [by GME, Global Medical Education -- via #tipsographic]. More at
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