Mandy Moore - such beautiful voice, Love the song from tangle 'I see the light'

Hair cool & cut idea for All over deep, rich, luxurious chocolate base with just a few highlights painted in around face/crown.

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Reasons We'll Always Love Mandy Moore my girl crush <3

Reasons We'll Always Love Mandy Moore

jamie & landon in my all-time favorite movie, a walk to remember.

A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks Landon goes for an impulsive, unscripted kiss. ("A Walk to Remember", based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, starring Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan and Shane West as Landon Carter.

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Mandy Moore - Candy

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Mandy Moore - Candy  So this song is pretty bad... But I honestly really do like Mandy and watching this video and her facial expressions made me just cringe because honestly... Really Mandy? You're Rapunzel! You're soooooooooo above this :)

Mandy Moore - Candy Hard to believe how bubblegum pop she was when she first started. Glad her musical tastes have evolved. She's a talented singer.