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Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian - Snow Mando. MPAPPS Assault blaster rifle with adjustable scope. Utility belt, no doubt holding a vast array of gadgets, such as a magnetic grappler, vibro cutters, activators, and whatnot. Horns of Doom mark on shoulder guard, just under ranking bandolier. - Geram.


First Kit Checklist Modern Mandalorian This is... a good starter guide, I suppose? But things like guns v. swords, if you actually want to add a cloak or a kama (which is what I'm assuming they mean by loincloth & if not I am replacing loincloth with), etc., need to be personal choices. If you really wanted to talk first kit, I'd say the beskar'gam (armor), the flight suit, & the boots & gloves are what you need.