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These false posters about war are the reason my comrades are dead or injured.

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Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet - Not sure if I should really pin this in cult tv, next to 24, the man from Uncle and so on but Graham was my favourite tv chef. Loved the bit at the end of the show when he would drag someone from the audience to test his food. Why don't tv chefs do that now! -test the food on the tv crew if theres no audience!

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Joe Sugg stole the hearts of many when his rise to fame became evident via his Youtube channel; VULKAN sat down with the budding star to see how his experience has been, and what we can expect to see in the future!

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Old Spice ~ the only thing that my grandfather would wear and always told me that was what I could give him for Christmas.

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WWI British Propaganda Poster, featuring the portly "patriotic" British figure (the National personification of Britain; roughly equivalent to the American Uncle Sam) John Bull. He was depicted as everything that was seen as being (for the time) the best about Britain: a middle-aged fat, rich country squire, who said what he thought and never apologised. I'm not sure if some John Prescott-type would persuade me to throw down my life in a cold, wet trench, but times were different back then.

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