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Man of Steel Poster. Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel movie poster stars Henry Cavill in handcuffs. Man of Steel‘s plot synopsis: “In the pantheon of supe

The unending violence gets tiring and the lack of concern for the preservation of the people of Metropolis as buildings collapse repeatedly is a glaring failure in the tale. - 3 Stars

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„Du wirst den Menschen ein leuchtendes Beispiel sein.Sie werden dir nacheifern, sie werden stolpern, sie werden fallen. Doch schließlich, werden Sie zu dir in die Sonne aufsteigen. Mit der Zeit, wirst Du ihnen helfen Wunder zu vollbringen.“  Man of Steel

Superman MAN OF STEEL Teaser Officially Released! The Man of Steel teaser trailer currently attached to screenings of The Dark Knight Rises has officially been released online for the world to watch! This is as teaser as a

Early MAN OF STEEL Script Treatment Is **Significantly Different from Finished Film

This film publicity image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Henry Cavill as Superman in 'Man of Steel.' The sequel to the film will shoot in Michigan in / AP Photo/Warner Bros.

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Superman is back! The first teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man of Steel is now online. Snyder is rebooting the storied franchise (which last tried to get off .

The grim tones favored by Nolan (and Snyder) in Man of Steel may be a natural fit for the nocturnal exploits of Batman, but when it comes to a flying man in blue and red spandex, a little jocularity can go a long way.

Man of Steel: The Dark Knight-ification of Superman

The reboot, from director Zack Snyder and co-writer Christopher Nolan, is thoughtful, ambitious—and less fun than it might have been.

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Man of Steel (2013) Film Review. Click to read. #manofsteel #henrycavill #filmcritic #review #film #geek #superman

Film Review: MAN OF STEEL (2013): Superman Comes Home At Long Last

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Man of Steel. This is a fabulous poster.

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Batman v Superman Fails In All the Ways That Man of Steel Succeeded

Batman v Superman Fails In All the Ways That Man of Steel Succeeded

Three years ago, Superman got his own Christopher Nolan-influenced movie reboot, full of brooding portents and Kryptonian politics. Man of Steel was a.