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How Will The Universe End? Like This.

Europa The icy surface of Europa is shown strewn with cracks, ridges and "chaotic terrain," where the surface has been disrupted and ice blocks have moved around. New laboratory experiments show that water ice and frozen sulfur dioxide react even at the frigid temperatures of Europa. Because the reaction occurs without the aid of radiation, it could take place throughout the moon's thick ice layer—an outcome that would revamp current thinking about the chemistry and geology of this moon...


Doctor's Diary: The phenomenon of the phantom medical breakthroughs

Will the recent announcements of new cancer drugs and treatments prove to be an effective cure for cancer, or are they merely an easy ride through the regulatory process for drug companies The phenomenon of the phantom medical breakthrough – enthusiastically proclaimed only to vanish without trace – is by now so familiar, it would be reasonable to surmise that last week’s 'spectacular’ reports of patients with advanced cancer being 'effectively cured’ falls into the same category.