Iconic Wedding Dresses In Film: Mamma Mia!

Iconic Wedding Dresses In Film : ‘Mamma Mia!’ (Amanda Seyfried) Created by Oscar-winning designer Ann Roth

Mamma Mia reminiscent

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Moss Flowers Mirror Seating Plan Chart Table Whimsical Enchanted Woodland Twilight Wedding http://www.tracywestonphotography.com/

Whimsical & Enchanted Woodland Twilight Inspired Wedding

Moss Flowers Mirror Seating Chart is such a simple idea (& easy to do on a budget) but makes such a beautiful impact at the entrance to your reception.

under the lights, trees & stars- Google Search

bistro lights Casual Canopy At a laid-back Texas wedding full of rustic details, basic bistro lights were strung to create a canopy effect over dinner tables. See More of this Real Wedding

this has been an inspiration to me from the day I started thinking about my wedding, as a teenager.I always wanted to look like her on the big day. We'll see how I end up looking.

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Amanda Seyfried | Wedding Bliss Simple Understated Wedding Nuptials| Iconic Wedding Dress In Film: Mamma Mia!| Serafini Amelia

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Greece-in it

Greek wedding – ‘Mamma Mia’ style

Really like this! kind of reminds me of avatar in a way...

So pretty! Fairytale Garden Wedding by Tamani fake flowers. probably can make the lantern things and place either a candle or one of the fake tea light battery candles.

Mamma Mia! Everything you never knew about Britain's most successful film ever

Mamma Mia! Everything you never knew about Britain's most successful film ever

Get all the gear on, disco lights on the floor, great friends, dance routine.and rock it out!

Sophie wearing a dress by costume designer Ann Roth for Mamma Mia. #Wedding

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