Mamie Van Doren.

Mamie Van Doren making an entrance - there is something so cool about the "movie star" machinery, it made film stars seem truly special and larger than life!

Mamie Van Doren Now: Lollobrigida at 86  Share this on Facebook?  How Celebrities Like Jodie Foster Face Their Fears  Mamie Van Doren Then: Van Doren in her 20s  Now: Van Doren at 82

Mamie Van Doren Then: Van Doren in her Now: Van Doren at 82

Clark Gable & Mamie Van Doren

A rare behind the scenes shot of stars Clark Gable and "Mamie Van Doren" for the 1958 comedy classic, TEACHER'S PET!

Mamie Van Doren

A photo archive tribute to the beautiful actress and pin-up Mamie Van Doren ♥ Browse by film: The All American / Yankee Pasha /

Mamie Van Doren (February 6, 1931) age 85

Mamie Van Doren, born Joan Lucille Olander (February is an American actress, model, singer and sex symbol that is known for being one of the first actresses to imitate or "clone" the look of Marilyn Monroe.

Mamie Van Doren

American actress and model Mamie Van Doren with a record player and a collection of records, circa