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Ooh, love the ravens on the packaging. And it helps that Maleficent Queen of Hearts are two of my favorite Disney villains. :) | MAC Maleficent Collection (Release date-May 2014).


12 Quotes to Remember Snape By

I have been a Harry Potter fan since the 2nd grade. However, as I have grown, the characters have become more complex as my cognitive complexity has become more sophisticated. As a child, Snape was simply pure evil to me. However, as the series progressed, and I got older, I came to see that the distinction between good and evil had a lot of grey area, and I came to respect the good in Snape, despite shades of evil in his life. My personal constructs have become more nuanced.

A Light-hearted Look at the Surrealist Hat.

Clearly, hats can fit the category of “art to wear”. And what better way to pay homage to an artist than to wear something in his or her honor? I was left wondering if this idea was what inspired Philip Tracey to create this hat , which resembles Dali’s mustache.