Ooh, love the ravens on the packaging. And it helps that Maleficent Queen of Hearts are two of my favorite Disney villains. :) | MAC Maleficent Collection (Release date-May 2014).

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The prop book from the beginning of the Disney film Sleeping Beauty (1959) Was sadly over excited about seeing this at MSI in Chicago.

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I have been a Harry Potter fan since the 2nd grade. However, as I have grown, the characters have become more complex as my cognitive complexity has become more sophisticated. As a child, Snape was simply pure evil to me. However, as the series progressed, and I got older, I came to see that the distinction between good and evil had a lot of grey area, and I came to respect the good in Snape, despite shades of evil in his life. My personal constructs have become more nuanced.

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Charlize Theron's costume as the evil Queen Ravena. It was designed by Coleen Atwood and made from dung beetles for the film 'Snow White and the Huntsman

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