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kaylapocalypse: “ brenna-ivy: “ It’s finally finished! I needed a good excuse to really get the hang of Clip Studio Paint and I.

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Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Witch's Son

“ The Witch’s Son by Lauren Nichols ” I like this a lot. You always see things like the witch’s daughter. This is more interesting to me, since it’s rarely done!


brenna-ivy: “ To celebrate the start of I give you the Modern Male Witch Bathroom! I’ve been casually working on this for weeks and I finally finished the animation today. This is an older.

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Simon brenna-ivy: “ It is done! The Modern Male Witch: Kitchen is here! :D He is a bit messy, but he can always find what he’s looking for, even when some things in his kitchen get a mind of their own.

so true. males are witches too. warlock is usually a derogatory term for oathbreaker ie rogue witches against their own people / coven.

Warlock (People think a Warlock means male witch. A witch is a witch regardless of gender. The word actually means Oathbreaker)

Horn God #CroweFeatherWitchDownunder

Most Wiccan Traditions work with a Goddess and God. Though there are many Gods from different pantheons that have different representations, Gardnerian Wicca and it's progeny Traditions typically ackn

male witch aesthetic (requested) more here // request here

Roman style male witch aesthetic (requested) more here // request here

Article about male witches

Unlike what you'd think, there are male witches about. We would know, because a witch man gave us some tips on how to become one.

male witch aesthetic

skcgsra: “ male forest witch aesthetic (requested) more here // request here ” Seeing your own posts on your dash for the first time!

The Gay Male Witch : Photo

The Gay Male Witch : Photo

Male witch. Pagan, druid, shaman, wiccan, magick, mage, sorcerer, cunning man, magician, wizard.

Not a warlock, not a wizard, not a sorcerer, not a magician. A Witch. a male Witch who will understand and accept me for who I am as I would understand and accept him.

A Male Witch Tells Us How To Become One

John Hein in Running on Empty, photographed by Kacper Kasprzyk and styled by Tony Irvine for Dazed & Confused December 2013