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Ugh. Stop celebrating women who "prove" themselves on male-dominated playing fields! Find me ONE man who's ever given birth to a new human life. Women are already imbued with infinitely superior innate qualities. New rules. New "game". Not "theirs".

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Double standards - Yep. Probably the least qualified - and least suited, temperamentally - candidate ever, has just won The World's Most Important Job. Meanwhile, by most measures the best-qualified & most experienced candidate ever (regardless of personal feelings about her..) has lost out. Without knowing anything more about them.. one could successfully surmise the gender of each. How damning a statement on our society is that? [RS '16]

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Become a cam model with MongoCams. We have job opportunities available for men, women and couples. Performing on cam happens to be a a wonderful way to earn money from the privacy of home.

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Date of Coverage: 24 February-14 Chemistry Without Women - “It happened again – another major theoretical chemistry conference features an all-male program.” That’s the opening to a new petition calling for the boycott of the 2015 International Congress of Quantum Chemistry conference in Beijing. The petition has attracted lots of support and highlighted what many see as the persistent, if unintentional, sexism in academe and in the physical sciences in particular. #womeninscience

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