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Chicken Satay Skewers (Sate Ayam)

We love these delicious chicken satay skewers from Norman Musa's Amazing Malaysian – they're the perfect appetiser when served with peanut sauce, cucumber wedges, red onion slices and cubes of pressed rice. The marinade is wonderfully easy to make and gives the chicken a smoky caramelized flavour with a hint of lemongrass, cumin and turmeric. An ideal party dish and a fantastic weekend treat.

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Cape Malay chicken curry with yellow rice

Spice up chicken thighs in a South African curry, packed with flavourful spices and served with a side of sweet, fragrant rice

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Prawn Curry Laksa (Kari Laksa Udang)

This prawn curry laksa from Norman Musa’s Amazing Malaysian has quickly become a classic, staple dish in our home. The blend of spices and heat from the dried chillies, together with the coconut milk, makes the dish creamy and aromatically spicy.

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Prawn massaman curry

Prawn massaman curry - easy, under 500kcal and delicious. Massaman curry comes from southern Thailand and is not as fiery as green or red Thai curries. We love the fragrant flavours and the texture that the peanuts add.

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Singapore Grocery Shops

Find ingredients for this famous dish from SINGAPORE - Satay (marinated meat on a stick. BBQ'd. served with sliced onions and cucumber and rice steamed in woven Coconut leaves. Served with a yummy, special peanut sauce!) from the stores listed in the GROCERY SHOPPING GUIDE at the All About Cuisines web site. #Singapore Food #Singapore Recipes

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