Ever wanted to make a map of Malaysia? These symbols would go well with it! Map Illustration - Caltex Malaysia on Behance

Map Illustration - Caltex Malaysia The consistent style of the buildings and angular nature of the work (presumably vortext?) makes the map clear despite being crowded

Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Hawaii, NY, California, Fiji, Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France...! Just bought this from Etsy. Cute idea. ....For More Inspiration: Instagram & Twitter: the_lane Mailing List: www.thelane.com/newsletter Facebook www.facebook.com/thelane

" I Have Left my Heart in so Many Places" - Travel quotes and sayings for inspiration

254 Flags of the World - Web Icons

254 Flags of the World

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Malaysia. Tema: Aves. Año: 1965.

Stamps showing Crested Partridge Rollulus rouloul, with distribution map showing range

Thailand | map thailand thailand profile history government economy population ...

Geography - Thailand is a country in South-East Asia, bordered by Malaysia to the south, Cambodia to the east, Myanmar (Burma) to the north-west and Laos to the north.

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Langkawi is best destination in langakawi offering great water adventures and family holidays. Enjoy Langkawi cable car and chartered tours.

What we perceive in the brain as the external world is just a small representation of the world itself

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Every time I go back to Singapore there's something new. Hard to believe it's a tiny island!

Singapore is where my mum is originally from. It is great visiting Singapore because i have many relatives living there. There are many interesting things to do in Singapore and it is much more fun and modern compared to Cambridge.

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