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Vedic - Bharangi / Bhargi # Turk's Turbon # Clerodendron serratum # Therapeutic - Bronchial asthma, Malarial fever, catarrhal affections, cough, dropsy, cholera, fistula, sores, , rheumatism, tuberculosis cough, skin diseases, nervine ulcers. IS SHARMA

Portrait of Austrian psychiatrist Julius Wagner-Jauregg, chief proponent of malarial fever therapy to treat neurosyphilis.

Ghāziābād | ग़ाज़ियाबाद

Malarial fever, resisted cases of malaria ,body ache and intermittent fever.

Did you know that #FeverTree photosynthesizes through its bark? This tree is native to eastern and southern Africa and it tends to grow in swampy areas: early European settlers noted that malarial fever was contracted in


#dyk The name for the Fever tree, comes from its tendency to grow in swampy areas. Early European settlers in the region noted that malarial fever was contracted in areas with these trees. It is now understood that malarial fever is spread by mosquitos living in the swampy areas that often support this tree species, and not by the tree species itself.


Vedic - Lahasun /Lasun # Garlic # Allium sativum # Therapeutic - Malarial fever, flatulence, epilepsy, tuberculosis, ulcer, ear trouble, anti septic, skin diseases, bone ulcer, chronic cough, asthma, bronchitis, Indigestion, heart tonic. IS SHARMA

Shikakai (Acacia concinna) <ul><li>An infusion of the leaves is used in malarial fever. A decoction of the pods relieves b...

The Malarial Fevers of Baltimore : An analysis of 616 cases of malarial fever, with special reference to the relations existing between different types of haematozoa and different types of fever - Thayer, William Sydney and John Hewetson - 1895 - An thorough, significant study by William Sydney Thayer, distinguished physician and friend of Osler, and malaria researcher John Hewetson, both of Johns Hopkins, which demonstrates the understanding of malaria at the close of the…