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Street Style's Most Surprising Trends of 2016 Thus Far

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Multi-colored Hooded Sweatshirt

If you're looking for a classy and in your cozy-zone,we've got this hoodie for you. Cool,fashion and casual enough to make you charming anywhere. Tap the pic to get more info at WAREFEEL.COM

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Baby Girl All-In-One Incl. Lilly & Sid Card

Girls All in One Sweat Hoodie. This started life as a simple hoodie - then we added the legs! Made in our own design heart print sweatshirt fabric, this hoodie makes the ideal winter warmer for your baby girl.

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Upcycled Sweater: Cat Bed

Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary: Upcycled Sweater: Cat Bed go to thrift store and find a 2 or 3X to make one for the dog!

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Learn how to create and sew the perfect T-Shirt

Hey y’all, I’m back to show you how to sew your own t-shirt, and how to make variations to a basic t-shirt pattern to customize it. First: how to sew a t-shirt. I wrote a tutorial about that <em class=short_underline> here </em>. It’s super easy; once you get the hang of this you can knock these out in 30 minutes or less. Next we’re going to talk about how to modify a basic t-shirt for raglan sleeves. Raglan sleeves are the s...

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10 Ways to Jazz Up an Old Jumper for Christmas

Christmas is on its way, as is the cold weather, so you'll soon be hauling all your old jumpers out of the wardrobe. Jazz up an old jumper ready for xmas!

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Hoodie Mod: The Winter Soldier

how to MAKE Your own Bucky Hoodie XD / Hoodie Mod: The Winter Soldier <<<need!

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Rocker Outfits: The Ultimate In Rocker Girl Style And How You Achieve The Look

Christine Andrew shows off the rocker girl style perfectly in these distressed black jeans and punky leather buckle boots. We love it! Jacket: Moto Topshop, Sweater: Ily Couture, Denim: Nordstrom.

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10 Cool Make Your Own Sweatshirt Ideas

Cut the back of the main sweatshirt into two inch strips. Don’t detach the strips and stop right before the ribbing at the bottom. Turn it inside out and weave the strips with two inch strips from your second sweatshirt. Pin them, cut off the extras and then sew the whole thing up. And you’re done!

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I'm absolutely in love with this -- would be perfect for those mornings that come way too early & are cold enough to make you never wanna lave the bed.

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