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Positive gold mine right here-> free download of "Make Your Own Hats" (1921).

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Online copy of How to make and trim your own hats ([1944]) (pdf is not the whole book but you can scroll through all the pages online).

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How to make your own 1920s hats, patterns and instructions. free book on millinery. Source: the awesome where you can find tonloads of great books on embroidery, millinery, fashion etc.

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As the weather starts to change, our fashion accessories do so as well. If it hasn’t done so already where you live, the air will soon be cooling off and you will be trading in your flip-flo…

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How to wire buckram for millinery

How to attach wire to buckram if you're making your own hat #millinery Blog has step-by-step photos with technique.

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How To Make Your Own Hair Fascinator With Bird Cage Veil For Your Wedding

Ok who wants to help me with this?? ...If you're interested in making fascinator hats, getting the bird cage netting to look just right can be tricky. This tutorial takes care of any frustration :)

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