Now imagine if the ringtone was this really happy theme song and the next time it goes off there is something more like the Supernatural theme and the pureblood is just "It's making a different noise! How are you doing that?!" and the muddleborn's just "It's called a ringtone."

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Creating a ringtone from mp3 on your phone using Audacity would be a fun workshop activity to expand confidence with mashup tools.

Ring any bells? In this Flash Tip, we demonstrate how to make a ringtone from a song in your iTunes Library.

Geek to Live: Make a ringtone from any MP3

How to Make a Ringtone on iTunes (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Wordistic is an action packed word making/learning game. where you race against the clock to try to qualify for the next ever quickening level.

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Make a Ringtone on iTunes Step 3.jpg

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