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WWI British Anti-gas 'helmet'. This British anti-gas hood is an early example of attempts to combat the effects of poison gas, which was first used on a major scale in 1915 to try and break the stalemate on the Western Front. However, as chemical weapons developed, so did protective equipment and this model was eventually replaced by more advanced filter respirator masks. IWM Collection

guitar chords all major and minor scales | Guitar Harmony Chart Guitar Major Scales In Open Position Guitar ...


Diagram of scales on the piano.Great for students to use when working with intervals, scales, chords etc


Music Theory for Songwriters - Home It has a chord map using Roman Numerals that shows every possible chord for Major scales and what chords they move toward. Very useful for someone that's trying to find some inspiration to spice up a song.


Jay Skyler's Series 2 Fretboard diagram of the Major Scale in the key of C. It is the first mode of Major and the third mode of Minor (Built on the flatted third degree). Also called Ionian Mode.