Remembering The Battle Of The Somme – 100 Years On #Infographic #History #War

Remembering The Battle Of The Somme – 100 Years On #Infographic

"Goodbye Old Man" by Fortunino Matania. (December 1st, 1917 – Fins, Nord-du-Calais, France -WWI)

'Goodbye Old Man' by Fortunino Matania. This painting for the Blue Cross shows a British soldier saying farewell to his dying horse.

This picture could be used as an artifact for the students to study and make some observations about like we did in class. -Jay Bazylewicz

Photograph showing a group of soldiers, Highlander and Indian Dogras, sitting in a trench. Each man has a rifle in front of him, to which a bayonet could be fixed for close combat,

When people think of World War I, one of the first images that comes to mind is the trench.  Here’s a look into how these major features were constructed, as well as their impact on the war. …

Trench construction in World War I

The Long, Long Trail The British Army in the Great War WWI Battle of the Somme Trench layout- i think this is a great overlook of the trenches and makes it easy to understand

A chronology of key events in the history of Syria from the end of Ottoman rule to the present day.

Syria profile - Timeline

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Our Family's Pagan Memorial Day | musings of a kitchen witch

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"In Flanders Fields" a poem by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, was inspired by the death of a friend during the Second Battle of Ypres. The reason Veteran's Day is assocated with poppies.