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18 Tried and Tested Jokes for the Best Man’s Speech

Lead the audience in by saying some really lovely things about the bride, then you can make them giggle with a thinly veiled insult to the groom.

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How To Write a Maid of Honor Speech That Isn't Completely Awkward

TOAST TO THE BRIDE Brookie! These are helpful guidelines. It doesn't have to be too crazy or a big deal. Also, we're thinking 5 minutes maximum for each speech (I'll double check with Richard on that) so not too long either!

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Good for reading at a wedding ceremony

Tragedy if you picked the wrong one.. before considering a long term relationship, make a list of wants and needs and exchange them with your partner.. the best relationships are the ones that both people respect the wishes and needs of the other..


Like the line "I read somewhere that love is a friendship that has caught fire. May your's burn bright and hot for the next 50 years or so"

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Sisters Bring Down The House With Legendary Maid Of Honor Toast

Chapter Mr. Gilmer waited for Mayella to collect herself, she had twisted her handkerchief into a sweaty rope. When she opened up her face , it was a mass of creases in her hit hands." (Lee indirect characterization, Mayella is a drama queen


The quote that started it all...My sister's Maid of Honor speech gave birth to the idea that our mutual weirdness should continue on with our child and what better way to start than by giving them a nursery full of fanciful Seussian things?!

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How To Write A Meaningful Maid Of Honor Speech

maid of honor delivering a speech with how to write a maid of honor speech text over it

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Tips For Writing the Best Maid of Honor Toast