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Fake Nose Piercing Stud Ring Magnetic body jewelry ear cartilage earring barbell temporary cosplay unique gift

Fake Cartilage Earring-Clear Jewel Magnetic Stud-Magnetic Nose Ring-Fake Lip Ring-Magnetic Earring BodySparkle Body Jewelry. $3.99. Smaller Clear Jewel Magnetic Stud. Can be worn as fake lip ring, fake labret stud, fake ear stud, magnetic earring. Quality Guaranteed by BodySparkle. Comfortable, Strong Magnet. Fake Body Jewelry-Non Pierce Body Jewelry. Save 33% Off!


There are many impressive looking fake nose rings currently available, and because of this many people question why anyone would choose the actual pierced style nose rings.

from Etsy

Cute Monkey Polymer Clay Charm Bead, Scrapbooking, Bow Center, Pendant, Cupcake topper, Magnet, Ring


Givenchy magnetic horn style earring or nose ring with original box

Style Earring,Horn Style,Costume Jewellery,Nose Rings,Original Box,Magnetic,Earrings,Selling,Givenchy