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DIY Electro-Magnetic Levitation!

This is a project that will amaze and inspire! What good is all of that science know-how if we can't do something cool with it, right?With this project we are going to use a couple of components that are easy to make or find to build a jaw dropping, mind bending Electromagnetic Levitator, or EMLEV as I call it.With the help of some simple circuitry, a magnet, a Hall Effect sensor and a few other components you will be able to levitate objects in mid air!Let's get started!


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'Making Weather' puts a spin on the quantum levitation speakers, it isn’t really a levitating speaker as much as it’s an awe-inspiring piece of art, the hyperrealistic cumulus cloud hovers over a magnetic plate, beneath its fluffy exterior lies a pretty darn powerful wireless speaker... READ MORE at Yanko Design !