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Book of Shadows Symbols & Meanings / Masonic, Satanic, Magic // Not to be use, just for references More

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Some have the idea that to practice magic, you have to be particularly talented, or have spent decades honing the craft. In truth, magic is a lot like water. We all have it, but we must spend time purifying it. That said, sigils are an easy way for magic to be practiced, even for the most mundane of us.

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WICCA SYMBOLS AND SIGNS | Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 ...

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The alchemical table of symbols. Could get tattoos representing potassium, magnesium, and sodium.... For my Gitelman's Syndrome

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Protection sigils, maybe get a few as tattoos on my left forearm where mom has her northern ghana symbols.

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witchedways: “ bhanglordzz: “ “Symbols derived from ancient Greek magickal kharakteres (characters). Examples of kharakteres may be found within the Greco-Egyptian magickal papyri, astrological...

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I came close to submitting this exclusively to #Quests-of-the-Triad but I decided to have it here in my gallery as well to draw a little more attention to the group. 90% of the content for this is ...

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