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All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

Magic 8 Ball ~ Sometime in the 1940s, Albert Carter created the Syco-Seer, a fortune-dispensing "crystal ball" inspired by a device used by his mother Mary, a professional psychic. Sadly, Carter died before his creation found success. But in 1950, Carter's brother-in-law Abe Bookman was commissioned to turn it into an 8 ball w a floating 20-sided die. When the ball is shaken, the die floats to the surface, revealing its answer to your question about the future!

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Mattel Magic 8 Ball

The original Magic 8 Ball™ has the answers to all of your most pressing questions! This novelty toy offers fortune-telling fun and intrigue for everyone. Start

Sarcastic Magic 8-Ball

Get answers to life's biggest questions with a little sass by asking them to the almighty sarcastic magic 8-ball. Upon asking it your burning questions, the all-knowing 8-ball will reply with a variety of hilarious quips like "ask me if I care" or "in your dreams".

Oh Magic Eight Ball, you have all the answers, don't you... Wait concentrate and ask again.....

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Christmas Wishes 8 Ball Red Toy

Miss my magic 8 ball, if I was ever in doubt about anything, it always knew the answer

Mattel Magic 8 Ball

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