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“ [Cloth] Usable by mages only. ” Head: [Circle of Flame] Shoulder: [Sanctified Bloodmage Shoulderpads] Chest: [Sanctified Bloodmage Shoulderpads] Hands: [Hands of Darkness] Waist: [Cincture of...

Cloth - Usable by Mages only Head: [Hood of the Burning Scroll] Shoulder: [Mantle of the Burning Scroll] Chest: [Cindercloth Vest] Hands: [Red Mageweave Gloves] Waist: [Sash of Mortal Desire] Legs: [Merciless Gladiator’s Silk Trousers] Feet: [Furious Gladiator’s Slippers of Salvation] Staff: [Bloodfire Greatstaff]

Cloth Transmog - Cowl of Tirisfal - Female Blood Elf Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emperor’s Riding Gloves Robes of Creation


A Mage transmog set containing 16 items.

Icy Arcane

Icy Arcane Mage Transmog! #wow #warcraft #worldofwarcraft #transmog #mage