Party games for adults: Mafia ... I remember playing this!

Mafia Party Game Rule Ideas

Model and photo: me Daran K. My and in the photography genre. Are you feeling lucky, punk?

How to Play Mafia - you're new favorite party game. (Played this once-OMG, so much fun!)

How to Play Mafia

This will essentially be designed and played like an online version of the party mafia game.

I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from this site and wanted to give back. I enjoy tinkering on the computer (now that's not to say I am very accomplished, but I like it) so I came up with some scrolls to hand out for the winking murderer game. Below are a few examples, if you would like the whole set, let me know and I'll email them to you. There are 16 "deaths" (you can easily edit them in Office Word to make more) and one for the killer. Hope someone ca

For a murder mystery dinner party - there are 16 "deaths" (you can easily edit them in Office Word to make more) and one for the killer

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Mafia game, change to a witch, werewolf, or virus theme for Halloween

Mafia Game Night- fun idea for an easy date night

Mafia Date Night

Study up on your Mafia-speak and stock up on Mafia-approved snacks so that you can get together with your favorite couples for a thrilling Mafia Game Night!