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Campfire Mafia Game

You hear an owl or two hoot in the woods or a coyote in the distance and you know the setting is perfect for an epic Campfire Mafia Game!

The Lounge--A Mafia Game by Alexander Gregory — Kickstarter

Alexander Gregory is raising funds for The Lounge--A Mafia Game on Kickstarter! A game of deceit, murder, and fancy clothing! The Lounge is a social deduction game where the Mafia are trying to take over!

Mafia Game Night- fun idea for an easy date night

Mafia Date Night

Study up on your Mafia-speak and stock up on Mafia-approved snacks so that you can get together with your favorite couples for a thrilling Mafia Game Night!

Mafia party game- just need a deck of cards and enough players, sounds fun!

Play Mafia

Play Mafia - wikiHow It's a fun card game that's great to play with a big group of people people and up). All you need is a deck I cards (or you can make your own cards.) I've played it when my entire family comes over. Loads of fun!

We still don't have a name for her, but here's the finished painting of her. She's a character of our beat em up game "Haymaker". The game is not finished yet but soon...

This is Laurel "Scarlet" Adams. She is another mafia crew member, seductive and witty Scarlet is the more subtle option and far more reliable than Knuckles.

MMO RPG - Full Mafia Game UI by anchor_point_heshan | GraphicRiver

MMO RPG - Full Mafia Game UI

Buy MMO RPG - Full Mafia Game UI by anchor_point_heshan on GraphicRiver. MMO RPG Sci-fi style Game UI for Mafia Game This file contains the most needed layouts and UI elements you need to de.

Water colour-esque LA-Noire game illustration by Andrea Mondini

Video Game Artwork (x-post /r/ImaginaryGaming)

Cassandra "Voodoo Queen" (La Reina Vudú) #PC #PlayStation4 #PS4 #XboxOne #MAFIA #MAFIA3 #MAFIAIII #Sandbox #Shooter  #Cassandra #VoodooQueen #TheVoodooQueen #CosaNostra

Cassandra "Voodoo Queen" (La Reina Vudú) #PC #PlayStation4 #PS4 #XboxOne #MAFIA #MAFIA3 #MAFIAIII #Sandbox #Shooter #Cassandra #VoodooQueen #TheVoodooQueen #CosaNostra